Friday, September 29, 2006

Just Do It!

I’ve been looking at my waist lately. Can’t miss it. I’ve been thinking that I need to get back to that exercise thing I use to do. So, I’ve been wondering when I can fit it in. Let me see. If I got up earlier on Mondays I might be able to get in a twenty minute work out before I have to get the kids up. But then again, I wouldn’t be getting a quality work out and it wouldn’t be worth it. Monday evenings are family time. I won’t touch that. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning are already spoken for so I can’t go there. Tuesday and Thursday evenings are for study and research for the classes I teach. Wednesday ooohhhh, that day is already so long I could write a book about it. Friday is for writing, bloging, and sermon preparation. Saturday is to catch up around the house day. I am already so far behind on this day that I could use two weeks to catch up. Sunday is the Lord’s Day. I try to leave that day for worship and spiritual edification. It doesn’t always work but I try. That’s my week. There just isn’t time to work on my growth problem. Actually, instead of a problem, you could call it an investment. It would make me feel better.
Some time ago NIKE had a slogan. “Just do it” This becomes the definition for discipline. When we accomplish anything thing in our lives it comes down to the slogan “Just do it”. If I am going to read that book, work on my prayer life, learn more about God, earn my degree or burn this fat off my middle I have to just do it!
We all have excuses that keep us from “…doing it”. The fact of the matter is the “thing” hasn’t hit high enough on the priority list for us to do anything about it. True. All those other things that clutter my life are a higher priority than sweating and burning calories. I know this and yet I can’t get my "self" to embrace this new priority. It sounds and feels too much like work. Yet, I know after I get started that I will feel better and even enjoy it. But still…..You know they make pills for everything these days. Maybe they can make a pill for guys like me, a pill that will remove all my obstacles so that I can…”git ‘er done”.