Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Daughter's Hero

Today’s blog comes in sections. I will attempt to write in a format so that my point makes sense. Actually, that’s the way I’m supposed to write every time. Anyway…


I have 5 kids…three boys (who came first) and two girls (on the end).  I try to be my kids’ hero.

With my boys, I have wrestled, played football, baseball, hacky sack and anything else to convey to my sons that their Dad is Mr. Macho, brave and strong. I have matched wits and consistently won. I have gone toe-to-toe with them and proved that my strong will endurance is greater than theirs.

My girls are different. My guess is… you already knew that.  My daughters are 15 and 11. I am not sure if they are keeping me young or making me old. My oldest daughter, Emmali (pronounced “Emma”-“Lee”) is trying her hand at writing. I would like to think I have inspired her. I don’t dare ask.

The baby is still the baby and I’m keeping her that way until she’s 30!


My daughter, Emmali, has gotten involved writing stories about comic book superheroes. She publishes her work in a blog-o-sphere where any superhero can meet up with any superhero at any place or time. The story is only limited to the writer’s imagination. I think she’s pretty good. I’m a little jealous. She has more readers than I do. I’ll give her a plug here. The name of the blog site is “Fan Fiction”. There, now she can add my 100 readers to her 2000. Did that sound petulant?

She really gets into her stories. Sometimes…a lot of the time, it dominates our conversation. She has quite the creative thinking process. I have been able to ascertain that my daughter’s favorite character to write about is Batman. I hear about Batman a lot. I hear Batman this and Batman that. I hear about Batman and Robin…Batman and Nightwing…Batman and Superman…Batman and Joker.  She is quite the aficionado. If I make a wrong or uneducated comment about Batman she is quick and confident enough to let me know. It doesn’t take an “Einstein” to know that writers write about what we’re passionate about!

So, one day, while Emmali was spewing her “Fan Fiction” ideas to the whole family, she divulged an interesting piece of information. She said, and I quote, “When I write my Batman character I base it on Dad.”…………I had to let that sink in…. I think I might be my daughter’s hero. My chest swelled with pride…until I realized that I don’t have all those cool gadgets. The next thought to hit me was, “Isn’t Bruce Wayne a multi-gazillionaire?” I probably shouldn’t complicate the situation with over-thinking and just be glad she didn’t say Superman!

Now, know this: At any regular moment, when nothing is happening and all is well in the world, I may be known as Pastor Eric, Eric, Dad, Ref or just “Hey You”. But at night, when the chips are down and things are going wrong….I’m BATMAN!

Actually, I’m in bed sleeping. But when my daughter thinks of Batman, she thinks of ME!