Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Comparing Apples to Oranges

I started the idea for this post some weeks ago based upon a news story that I had heard. I will post a link to the story below so that you can read it for yourself. Apparently, a girl (17 years old) in a women’s locker room, came across a guy in the sauna, nude in the women’s locker room. The man is a “transgender” person. We use to call them a “cross dresser” for those of you who are wondering “What’s a transgender?”

According to the story, the local police authorities aren’t going to file charges against the man because of his rights as a transgender.

Then, here in Wisconsin, in the City of Wausau we have an extraordinary case going on. The details of what happened are sketchy but the aftermath is bewildering. It seems that a boyfriend and girlfriend had a “falling out”. The girlfriend killed the boyfriend’s dog in a bizarre kinda’ way that screams, “I NEED HELP…I HAVE ISSUES!” The penalty for her crime is a felony punishable by 5 years in prison…for killing a dog!

The public outcry has been loud. So much so that the city is changing its policy because of the pressure that has been placed on it by animal groups. The City of Wausau is blamed for the animal’s death by this logic. “If the City of Wausau (population 125,000) would have an ‘Animal Cruelty Department’ this could have been prevented.” So, Wausau is passing what is called “Mary’s Law” (named after the dog). “Mary’s Law” is an increase in taxes and fees to pay for the hiring of 3 “Animal Cruelty Officers”.

In both of these cases, it appears to me that we have lost the tremendous ability to compare things equally. As the old adage goes, we’re not comparing apples to apples, but rather we are comparing apples to oranges. Let me say it in math terms (Mr. Wilmhoff, my Algebra teacher, would be so proud of me). When you’re not making the right comparison or equality statement your equation is wrong. If you are writing the wrong equation, you’ll never get the right answer.

In the first case, the dude is a “dude”…duh! Since when did we become a society that allows both genders to publically dress with each other? The bigger question for us all is this: “Why are the authorities blind to the obvious?” That question should scare the common person because if their thinking is askew here (like the math term), it will be in other places too! This means, you will not know how the authorities will view the issue that is important to you. How about this question: “What would you do if that was your 17 year old daughter in the women’s locker room with that dude?”

The second case is more difficult because people rationalize with their hearts and not their heads. Let me see if I can make a comparison here. Killing a dog is a felony. Killing an unborn baby is a choice. The dog has a higher value than a conceived human child…a little out of balance wouldn’t you say?

To further make the point, sometime ago there was a stalking case in Wausau. A teen boy was being stalked by a young man with a gun. I can’t remember all the details of the case. I believe it turned out OK in the end for the teen. It is the interview with the police in the wake of the event that caught my attention and it is something we all know. He said, “We [the police] can’t be everywhere all the time.” So, (follow my logic on this) 3 more officers on the force would help the Wausau police be more places making the city safer. Why don’t they have more officers? Because, it is not in the budget. The City of Wausau would have to increase taxes and fees to do that. This is what Wausau did to protect the rights of doggies and kitties. So, in this case, animal safety is more important than human safety.

To sum it all up (look another math term) I think I can say that logic equations have been made that don’t add up. By missing the proper comparisons, we now have dude’s that want to be women, dressing, watching and exposing themselves to women in a public setting without reprisal. We also have dogs and cats with more protections and rights than human beings. We have gotten so smart in our social thinking that 1+1=3.