Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Supporting The Truth

I have been seeing all kinds of advertisements about the History Channel showing a new series called “The Bible”. My immediate reaction was one of great skepticism. The reason for my opinion is built on my past experience with the History Channel and the accuracy in which they handle God’s Word.

Point in case, I used a video from the local library, produced by the History Channel, on Sodom and Gomorrah to show how modern culture will change or omit things from the Bible in order to prove their own point. I chose the video for inaccuracies and omissions. The video not only omitted the homosexual issue from the story, but also theorized that one possibility for the destruction of the great city could have been caused by aliens!

What puzzles me the most is the folks and entities that are promoting the mini-series.  If it is not accurate should we promote such a thing? For a fundamental disciple of Jesus, I would think this concept is a “no brainer”. “Don’t take part in anything that detracts from the Truth.” Jesus is the Truth! Yet so called Christians and Christian entities are promoting the event for the History Channel. To promote is to condone. I suspected the leopard would not change its stripes.

It just so happened that I was in a place to view the much hailed show. I watched to see if I was wrong. Sadly, I was not. In the 10 minutes I watched of the show the Biblical story was greatly altered. They made the story so fantastic that it was unbelievable…like something out of a movie.

The part I watched was, again, concerning Sodom. The angels that lead Lot (and his family) out of Sodom looked and acted like swordsmen from the movie “300”. This could have been applied to David and his mighty men, but not here. I guess the story wasn’t exciting enough by itself.

 We are already having a difficult time with getting the world to “believe” the Bible as it is written. The History Channel isn’t doing us any favors by deviating from the accurate history of the story and taking extreme liberty in artistic interpretation. I believe this is known as distorting the truth. God is Truth. Truth is God.  If this is the view of God that we are promoting, no wonder people have a “distorted” view of God.

So, when it comes to Truth, it is an “all or nothing” concept. To tell the truth you must give it all and give it “all” accurately…cause even my kids know what a half truth is. In conclusion, I believe that to promote this television event is to promote half truths about the Bible. Why would anyone do that? I believe that some think that getting “some of the Bible” on TV is better than getting “none of Bible” on the TV. This is totally wrong…because a half truth is still a lie…and my God doesn’t deal in lies. How can we participate in leading others to this conclusion?

At times…I feel…we are our own worst enemies!