Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lazy Parents

There was a beautiful sunrise in Central Wisconsin this morning. Last night was absolutely beautiful too! We (my wife and I) had a campfire under the stars. You should have been there. Build a fire pit in your backyard and burn a little wood. It’s great therapy!

For years on Cincinnati radio I heard a man do commentary. Today, I would like to borrow his format.
You know what makes me sick! You know what makes me so angry that I could sew somebody’s seat to a padded pew and preach a bad sermon…perpetually! I’ll tell ya’! It’s these mambee pambee, wimpy, lazy parents that have kids but won’t be a parent. You know the ones I’m talking about. People who send their kids away to school for 8 hours a day and then when their kid comes home, they still totally ignore them, people who dread the weekends because there’s no school to send their kid away to. If you’re feeling like this, then I’m talking to YOU.
I could talk hours about parents not being parents just by sending your kid to a public school. But I’ll leave that alone for the time being. When I look at my little town, there are only a handful of parents that know where their kid is when they get off the bus. By dark, the children start disappearing into their homes. I know that this phenomenon happens only because the kids are hungry. I bet if I fed them they wouldn’t go home until they needed a place to sleep. I’m talking about elementary level kids. The teens are worse. I see them jumping in and out of cars, speeding through town, guys and gals doing vulgar suggestive things that I wouldn’t do with my wife in public. The funny thing is they aren’t old enough to know why they do it. They just saw someone else have the same actions on TV. With cigarettes in hand and profanities rolling off the tongue, these kids believe they are all grown up. Why, because there ain’t a parent in sight.
Kids are taught young to learn from what they see. So, as a baby sitter, they are put in front of the TV with a bottle and 150 channels. Thousands of hours later parents think it’s a sign of intelligence that their 4 year old knows how to use the remote and can play a video tape or DVD. Parents laugh when their 5 year old repeats a profane word. After they start school, parents have no idea kids are comparing what each can get by with, and thus starts the game. Within a couple of years, parents start taking the attitude “…I can hardly wait ‘til school starts…” so they can get rid of their kid for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. By the time the kid is a teenager (13) the parents really don’t care where they are or what they are doing because the parents are to busy while making money to buy a boat, to short-sighted while rediscovering their marriage, or to self-centered to think of anyone else while their going through their divorce. Here me loud and clear: THE PROBLEM IS PARENTS AREN’T BEING PARENTS!

Just because you can make a baby doesn’t make you a parent. Do you realize how better off our country would be if parenting skills improved? So, if you think babies are cute, then go and visit the nursery of your local hospital. Have vasectomies, tubaligations or use proper birth control. Don’t make babies. That way you don’t suck up the resources that are needed by the people who really parent their children, and the children themselves.