Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Is Christian

As I come out to the porch today my tummy is full. My taste buds have been revived. And, the warmth of friends and family in my household has refreshed my spirits. Our God is so good to us! We have so much to be thankful for.
It is my belief that this is the only true Christian holiday recognized in the United States. Think about it. All other American holidays are about our freedom, our soldiers and workforce. Sweetest Day, Valentine’s Day, Groundhog’s Day, President’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and Easter are all marketed by sales. It is amazing to me how a christian country could have only one Christian holiday. It’s true.
I suppose the things that keeps Thanksgiving a Christian holiday is the idea of giving "thanks". In the very essence of the idea is the question, "Give thanks to whom?" I guess you would have to admit then that there is a God, Creator of the universe. If your going to be thankful from the heart then you have to admit gratitude for a gift that was receive. Gratitude is expressed when the gift is something we could not do for ourselves. There goes the idea of humanism and evolution.
I also suppose you might ask, "Be thankful for what?" Now the answer to this question points towards God’s blessings or benefits to us. That also includes salvation, which points out Jesus Christ. You see the greatest thing we have to be thankful for is the promise of eternal life, which only comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Finally, a person may say, "Why be thankful?" The answer to this question implies you recognize that God Almighty, is bigger, greater, and smarter than you. And because of this, you humble yourself to say, "Thank you, God, for Your blessings to me and thank for your Son that gives salvation."
For a person to humble themselves before God like that is distinctively christian. I figure that’s the reason Thanksgiving is our only Christian holiday. You see it is the only holiday that requires humility… and that is Christian!