Saturday, November 18, 2006

God’s Blessings

Meet Baby Kayrin
It is obvious to me that God’s blessings can be found everywhere. Those blessings are all around us and are just for us. I am reminded of this by a little story, a true story at that!
In our little plot of a garden just a few square big, my wife decided to plant potatoes. Now this may not seem peculiar to you, but we just happen to live in an area surrounded by 1000’s of acres of potato fields. We are usually given 100 times more potatoes than we can raise. However, she wanted to grow her own.
So we planted and tended a potato garden this year. When the time came to harvest what she had planted, My wife grabbed her shovel and headed for the garden with our 4-year-old in toe. She had her little shovel in hand and she was determined to help.
Well, as the job got started, my wife was as proud as punch of herself for the success of growing potatoes. She would say to Kay "Look, there’s another one. Go put it in the bucket!" She was so excited about her venture that she just had to tell our neighbor lady what she had done…with the 4-year-old tagging along. In her conversation, she shared how she watered, weeded and tended to those potatoes and how God had blessed her with a "big crop" for her "little garden". Not to be out done, my little girl had to break in the adult chatter. "Hey…Hey…Hey..." she said interrupting until our neighbor stopped to listen her.
"Yes, hon. What do you want?" was her reply.
Taking her hand and pulling her toward the garden Baby Kay said, "Do you want to see what we found in the dirt?"
Gods blessings are planted by Him, watered by Him and tended by His own hand for our good pleasure. They are not mistakes or chances. His blessings for us are intentional.
I hope you can find them cause they are planted all around you. And when you do… be thankful!