Saturday, September 15, 2007

Our Nature vs. Our Sin

Welcome to the porch! What a beautiful morning here on the edge of the Great North Woods. As I stepped out on the porch I was greeted with some rather chilly air, 38 degrees according to the thermometer… WOW!
I have discovered that my sons are very quickly becoming coffee bums. This is troubling to me. I have some very nice beans that have come my way via God’s blessings and they (son # 1, 2, & 3) are being wasteful with them. This is an atrocity! You must understand…me and coffee go way back.
I made a whole pot (12 cups) for them. It was an exotic Arabic bean, Irish Cream mixed with fresh ground, roasted, imported Costa Rica blend. It was nice. I had a cup and left the rest to the 3 amigos.
I went to my office and put on 6 cups of Folgers® lite. Vigorously I worked. When I stopped to get me some brain juice, I discovered that they hadn’t finished what I had made for them and the little locust flew over to my office and consumed all my coffee!

Ain’t nothin’ sacred no more...Coffee Bums!

I realize this is just human nature. I will teach them and they will come to be true coffee aficionados. It’s that human nature that bothers me.
I have stumbled upon another characteristic in human nature that really bothers me. It seems to be prevalent here in my location. So, maybe you don’t see this where you are. It is the personality that seeks the information that they want to hear. This can appear in all kinds personal issues such as marriage, parenting, legal, and financial advice etc.
The one in particular that breaks my heart is “living in sin”.
In my area, (probably not yours) I constantly deal with people who practice sin, live in sin, confess the sin, but won’t remove themselves from the sin. They will tell you that they are believers, followers of Jesus Christ. And since they are believers their salvation is secure. Jesus doesn’t expect us to be perfect and knows that we sin everyday in word thought and deed.
At this point, I could branch off into a doctrinal dissertation in an attempt to disprove such a statement. But I would rather look at the origin from which the thought originates. I don’t think you can deny that it comes from the heart… a heart that is influenced by a human nature…a nature that seeks an easy way and rejects personal responsibility. This kind of nature would rather believe a lie than deal with their personal sin.
So, because of their heart nature, I know people who will jump from church to church until they find a minister or priest that will tell them what they want to hear, a minister or priest that will affirm their belief that they will sin everyday in word thought and deed.
So, I have two questions that I hope to hear some discussion:

(1) Why does human nature cause people ( I believe the “majority”) to chase after ideologies that keep them in sin instead of truth that will set them free?

(2) Negating false teachers, why would men, who seek the truth, teach such things that keep people in the bondage of sin?

Please take time to respond. I would to hear your thoughts and share your comments.